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$70 per night

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Hosted by Matthew

I joined Overnight in June 18, 2017 I went to school at Stetson University, and I'm a Project Manager at Metropolitan Building Consultants.


2 Guests

About this home

I have a 1,200 sq ft loft in east Williamsburg. Two of us living here, large private loft area is the space we rent out. Let me know if you have questions, short term or longer. Flexible on rate and length of stay

    The basics
    • Check-in by 11:00 AM
    • Check-in by 11:00 AM
    • Room Count Rooms
    • Total Beds Beds
    • Maximum guests 2 Guests
    • Minimum nights 1 Night
    • Maximum nights 90 Night

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East Williamsburg, New York

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