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Hosted by Yvette

I joined Overnight in June 18, 2017 I went to school at Baruch College Zicklin School of Business,


2 Beds

4 Guests

1 Rooms

About this home

Spacious L-Shaped Studio Apt, Full Bathroom/Bath Vast windows facing private courtyard (tranquil & quiet) Fresh Comfy Linens & Complimentary Bath Towels Separate Kitchen including an array of tools & appliances Perfect for 1 - 4 Guests West Side, Best Side :)

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    • Check-in by
    • Room Count 1 Rooms
    • Total Beds 2 Beds
    • Maximum guests 4 Guests
    • Minimum nights 1 Night
    • Maximum nights 90 Night

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New York

Lincoln Square, New York

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