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Entire Place in Brooklyn , NY

20 Reviews

20 Reviews


4 Beds

8 Guests

3 Rooms

About this home

I have a huge townhouse in the heart of Williamsburg. Tons of natural light. Sleeps 8 across 3 bedrooms and a pullout couch. 2.5 bathrooms. Lots of outdoor space.

The basics
  • Check-in by 11:45 PM
  • Check-out by 11:00 AM
  • Room Count 3 Rooms
  • Total Beds 4 Beds
  • Maximum guests 8 Guests
  • Minimum nights 1 Night
  • Maximum nights 90 Night

Hosted by Ryan

20 Reviews

20 Reviews

I went to school at Florida State University, and I'm a IT Director at Prana Farms.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before a booking. Overnight fees are non-refundable.

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