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Private Room in lovely Victoria , BC

Exclusively available to Naomi's groups and friends
for Naomi's friends and groups Special prices set for friends and groups.
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2 Beds

2 Guests

1 Rooms

About this home

We have a room with a 5ft wide 9 ft long hardwood floor loft bed with futon mattress, the loft has a window view to the magical backyard. There's also a closet space for the loft with a shelf, a great place to put valuables and treasures or breakables and delicate things...or things you don't want to lose! In the room are a television and small stereo system for movies and your devices to hook up to. There's space and storage for clothing to stow hang, a shelf for shoes and accessories/belongings, and underneath the loft is extra bedding, an extra futon mattress. Plus more storage for luggage and whatnot, including a closet space...maybe for gifts, surprises and things you want to hide! Chocolate? Wine? Hehe. The room is right beside the main washroom for easy access, and it's in the corner of the house where you'll feel cozy and safe, at peace and welcomed by the gentle morning light. You have access to the fully equipped kitchen as well down the hall, so coffee, tea, snacks basic needs are just steps from your door. The living room is a comforting place to enjoy your company or ours, have a cup of tea or your favourite drink, relax, listen to music or watch a movie. Unwinding and downtime are important to our little family, we also enjoy art and music, crafts, dance and yoga. Our backyard is home to our pet bunnies, a haven for birds of many kinds, and on any night of the year is lit up in neon and colourful glowing lights. It's a private space surrounded by flowers in the Spring and Summer. Our neighborhood is built on an old orchard so we enjoy pears and apples and plums from our trees, and of the birds are nice enough to leave some-a few cherries too!

The basics
  • Check-in by Flexible
  • Check-out by Flexible
  • Room Count 1 Rooms
  • Total Beds 2 Beds
  • Maximum guests 2 Guests
  • Minimum nights 1 Night
  • Maximum nights 31 Night

Hosted by Naomi

and I work at Nanny.

I love traveling! Message me with any questions.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before a booking. Overnight fees are non-refundable.

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