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Private Room in lovely Brooklyn , NY

Exclusively available to Kayla's groups and friends
for Kayla's friends and groups Special prices set for friends and groups.
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1 Beds

1 Guests

2 Rooms

About this home

My bedroom + private office/living area in Park Slope, Brooklyn is available for a few weeks or the full month of September. Flexible dates. Also open to a housing swap in San Diego. About the apt: in Park Slope <1 min away from Prospect Park & the subway F, G lines. The apartment is separated into 2 wings so you'd have your own bedroom (Queen sized-bed) + private living/office area. Shared bathroom + kitchen with only 1 other roommate. It's a super cozy space on the top (third) floor on a cute tree-lined block. Close to the best bagel shop in BK (I might be biased), book stores, the park, citi bikes, wine store, restaurants & cafes.

The basics
  • Check-in by Flexible
  • Check-out by Flexible
  • Room Count 2 Rooms
  • Total Beds 1 Beds
  • Maximum guests 1 Guests
  • Minimum nights 1 Night
  • Maximum nights 90 Night

Hosted by Kayla

I went to school at Virginia Tech, and I'm a Founder/Creative Director at Una Volta Design Studio.

I love traveling! Message me with any questions.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before a booking. Overnight fees are non-refundable.

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